Enterprise Licence management

How can we manage enterprise licences at an organisational level. We currently have a Team Admin and managing it at a project level, but we are starting to get more separate teams/projects who are wanting to use the Enterprise licences. Ideally we can then have a Enterprise licence manager, who can then assign Team Admins for individual team access.

Hey @SidToy,

Thanks for writing in!

While we do not have direct support for multi-team collaboration yet, the support accounts and admins role users should be able to manage licence distribution with a few guidelines in place. I see you’ve raised a support ticket as well- I’ll be responding to that with more details soon!

We’re also working on the multi team collaboration. We have this published on our public product roadmap as well. Check it out: https://trello.com/c/mZ6svB1g/10-multi-team-collaboration