Can an architect be part of multiple teams without paying for a license on each team?

At my company, we have 6-7 groups using the Free Tier of Postman. We are looking at getting paid licenses, because the 3 person limitation of the Free Tier won’t work for us anymore.

We have looked at forming one single team for the entire company, or paying for multiple teams. In order to avoid work when it comes to migrating collections from one team to another, and to have a separation of concerns (so dev from team A can’t mess with collection belonging to team B). HOWEVER, we have a few individuals that would need to have access to all the teams.

My question is, for these individuals who need access to multiple teams, would our company need to pay for a license for an individual who needs access to multiple teams? A sample organization below, to illustrate the question:

Order Team

  • John
  • Jill
  • Jack
  • Jenny

Customer Team

  • Jarvis
  • Jolene
  • Jeff
  • Jan

Product Team

  • Jerry
  • Jaqueline
  • Justin
  • Janie

The below architects would need to have access to each team’s collection:

  • Paul
  • Priscilla

Would Paul and Priscilla need three licenses, one for each of the three teams, should we choose to purchase separate teams (rather than one team with multiple workspaces)?