Enterprise user license capability question

Hi team,

I am looking to upgrade postman with enterprise version.
My team has a query that,
Can we use the same postman enterprise user license to work in different devops environments like ut,sit,uat with different pipelines.
Which user license i should go with, single user license or named user license.
Anyone have an idea on this?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there,

The licenses are per named user, so the same user will be able to login to their account in different environment.
You can find more information about the Enterprise plan as well as a way to contact Sales directly on this page:

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Hi Thanks for the response.
It is helpful.

Can you help me understanding the difference between Single user license ,Concurrent user license and Named User license. and which one is the best option to apply for small team of 3 to 5 members to use in different devops environments.


There is only one type license for Postman. Licenses are per user and cannot be shared across users so if you have 5 users you will need to get 5 licenses. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the clarification. This resolves my question.
Good Day!

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