Email notification after pull request created

Hi all, I own a Public Workspace that receives community contributions in the form of Pull Requests. PRs work fine but, unfortunately, I’m not notified when someone submits a new PR. I looked at my notification preferences and everything is enabled.
Is this the expected behavior as of v8.0.7 or am I missing something?

Hey @pozil

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Is this something that you were seeing and now not seeing in v8.0.7?

I’m currently unable to reproduce the issue from my Public Workspaces but I could fork your Collection and raise a PR to help see if that uncovers anything?

Hi @dannydainton, thanks for the reply.

Sorry if this was unclear. My issue isn’t specific to v8.0.7, I just mentioned it to leave a trace for when this thread grows old :slight_smile:
In other words, I’ve never been notified for PRs since I started using Public Workspace. Are you getting notifications?

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I’ve just raised a PR

Did you see a notification for this one?

Are you using different accounts to raise and receive PRs?


Thanks for testing this, I just got notified for your PR.

What is really weird is that I received another PR this morning (12+ hours ago) and didn’t receive an email. I just found the PR by sheer luck.

As you noticed, I used different accounts for testing thing.

I think that I know what happened: I only got notified for your PR because you set me as the as the approver.

The previous PR didn’t have an approver so nobody was notified. This is kind of a shame, I think that the collection admin should be notified as a fallback.
What’s the best way to share this feedback? Should I reach out to support?

I raised it internally with the team but it would be great if you ‘officially’ raised this as a new issue on our Issue Tracker.

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Thanks @dannydainton.
I’ve created this issue.

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Awesome! Thank you for raising that one :trophy:

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