Unable to perform Pull Request

I am unable to perform pull request for a forked collection. I keep receiving error as “Something went Wrong” There was an error fetching pull request. and a button to “Back to Workspace”.
It used to work for me until 2 weeks before this date. But it has stopped working for 2 weeks now.
Attaching the screenshot of the error I receive.

Hi @vinay.kooduvalli :wave:

Could you please raise a ticket to support from this link here or write to us at help@postman.com with the collection Id/name to check this issue further?

Hi Raj,

Here is the collection name which I mentioned about in the support request. “Work In Progress”

I had created a fork to my personal workspace and now trying to perform PR to team workspace which gives me the error page I shared in screenshot earlier.



Thank you! We have received your support ticket and since this issue is being addressed there - closing out this thread. Feel free to post out any other queries here : )