Duplicated tabs renaming

When renaming a tab which created by clicking on the “Duplicate” menu item, the parent tab will also be renamed.


Hi @forenheith,

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Looks like I was able to reproduce the issue, and personally, I wouldnt expect this to happen, but I can’t confirm its supposed to happen this way or not.

Thanks for bringing it to light.


2020-03-04, this bug still remains…

Hi @maic.ma,

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Looks like it still is in there, got the same result when reproducing the behavior. However, I am not sure what is really to be expected here.

@dannydainton would you be able to elaborate on this behavior? I am not sure if its expected or not. While I would think not, I do not want to assume.


Hey everyone,

From my understanding of the way that works, It’s not a ‘Duplicate’ in the same sense of how a request is duplicated. That would make a new copy of that request and place it in the folder.

The Duplicate Tab option creates a new tab with the same request, it’s not a copy of it, you just have the same request open it two tabs.

So any edits to the Request Name, in either tab, would change the name on both tabs. Likewise, if you made changes to the request (Params, Headers, Tests, etc.) and saved them, this would change both tabs.

We currently have an open issue to improve the UX of this feature as it’s something that causes confusion based on the name being similar to other places on the app