'Duplicate Request' not working

If I right-click on a request and choose Duplicate, it creates a new request name ‘<orig_req_name> copy’ but the new request does not contain the URL of the old one. Is this expected behaviour? (Hint: Not by me it isnt expected)

Are you able to provide more information about what you’re seeing. Which version and on what OS is this happening?

Can you upload an image or a gif of the behaviour that you’re currently seeing?

More information would allow people to give you an answer / offer a solution to the issue.

Not sure what was happening last week but it seems to be working this morning. Sorry for wasting your time

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I am having this same issue. I am running version 7.29.1. How can I resolve this?

@dannydainton, I should have mentioned that I am running this on a Mac. Also, I believe I found why it’s happening. If I create a brand new request, then add in the URI and other changes, then duplicate it, the newly created request is blank. If I do the same thing, but click on the ‘Save’ button before I duplicate it, then it creates the request with all my settings in it. It would be nice if the UI had some sort of indication on the screen that the request has some pending, unsaved changes on it. Maybe put an asterisk next to the request name?