Duplicating a request

I’m using Postman v7.36.1 on Win10.
Categorised under e.g. “Local”, I have a number of urls to test the API that I’m building, e.g.
POST http://localhost:8080/object1/create
POST http://localhost:8080/object1/update
POST http://localhost:8080/object2/create
POST http://localhost:8080/object2/update

I am now planning to create a similar set for online testing, so selected e.g. the 3rd url (/object2/create) and duplicate it.
In some cases this works as expected, but often I get the wrong url and the wrong body under the right (“Copy”) name, e.g. datails from /object1/create.

Is this a bug or is there a special trick to do this right?

This is because the request is not saved properly make sure the request is saved and there is no unsaved request indication on the request tab

Apparently you’re right: I had numerous tabs open while I was duplication from a collection; all (or most) of them unsaved.