Does not see requests from Interceprtor

Hi, I have installed Postman Interceptor plugin into Chrome browser and tuned it on and turned on in the Postman desktop application.

I started to surf and I see requests coming though Interceptor plugin, but they do not show up in the Postman History as I would expect.

See the screen shot.

Proxy is off.

So how do I see requests from Interceptor within the History flow ?

Thank you,

Hi @Arregator ,
Can you share with us the app version you are using, OS and the filters you have applied?

Thank you,
Sai Alekhya.

Hi, @saialekhya,

Thanks for looking into my issue!

I am running v7.19.1 jf Postman, on Windows 10 Pro (64bits) Rus, and no filters applied in Interceptor settings - neither in plugin nor in Postman.


@Arregator can you confirm, whether you are using multiple chrome profiles and in each chrome profile do you have postman interceptor extension installed?

@saialekhya , I am not sure about the question, in Chrome I have logged into my google account and in Postman I am logged into my Postman account.

Few days ago I recall that all worked fine with this config, requests have got into Postman History tab, but for some reason now it is not.

In Interceptor Plugin I do not see any chance to manipulates profiles…