Postman Environment Variables - export issue

I have observed an issue while using the app.

Specifically in the below cases:

  • When I am downloading an environment as Json with the “Download Environment” function in the window “Manage Environments”
  • When I give access of environments to other workspaces by using “Manage Roles”
  • When I download Global variables to a json file

the values in the exported file are null, they don’t contain any value while the variable names are properly exported.

Could you please help me with this issue?

In case you need more information,I am at your disposal

Thanks in advance,

You need to make sure you have the Initial Value set to whatever you need in the environment.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I figured this out after a while, however it seems that after setting the initial value and exporting the file, when I import in the new environment, i have also to set up again the current value with the initial values for the related Post requests that i use, to work.

Thanks again.