Do you pay for unused seats?

I just wanted to confirm, if you set your account to a certain number of seats and have open seats, you still pay for the total number? My assumption is yes, but wanted to confirm. I do think it’s a bit annoying if that’s the case because we have an ever-changing team and having to constantly make changes for more seats (and trying to figure out how many is appropriate at the time) makes account management a bit of a chore. So wanted to confirm if that’s the case, because otherwise I’d much prefer to just add a bunch of seats up to the max management is prepared to accept and just add as needed.

Hey @nxsit

Great to have you as part of the community! :star:

Would you be able to drop a message to please to discuss specific account related questions - just want to ensure that this is pointed towards the correct people. :trophy:

Sure, just sent an email, thanks.

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