Disable automatic code reformatting?

Greetings - seems like some new behavior in latest update.

Code is auto-formatted, and removes tabs and spacing. For example the first line is reformatted to the second line…

(has tab between x and =)
let x = 0
(tab removed x and =)
let x = 0

This means I can’t have code indented or equal statements aligned, etc.

Since it is hard to see in this post, here’s a screenshot


Latest Postman seems to have decided to edit all my code! :frowning:

I’m running:

Postman for Linux
Version 7.24.0
linux 4.15.0-99-generic / x64

p.s. - it continues to reformat new code as well, if I fix the code to my preference, then save the call, close the tab, and re-open the tab, it is once again postman-fixed without asking and had then re-saved the call on top of my code.

Having a standard style is a good, idea. Not allowing opt-in is bad. Automatically editing and saving code is super-bad IMHO. I never asked to have my code edited.

@jonsworkalias, we are tracking this issue in GitHub in here

@jonsworkalias, we have fixed this issue and is currently available in our canary build. You can download the canary build from here.

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Hi @jonsworkalias, this issue has been fixed and available as part of v7.25. Please try it out and let us know if you face any other issue.