Extremely annoying cmd+enter param autofill

This is driving me crazy!
When I manually type Query Pramas, an auto fill tooltip appears; this is intended behavior since auto fill is sometimes desired, and people may accept the suggested param by using top down arrow, tab, or enter; all of this is now acceptable and expected behavior.

Now, the unpleasant part is that when I press cmd+enter, it also accepts the suggested parameter, which is extremely annoying! Because as soon as I finish typing my parameter, I would like to rapidly hit the request, but every time the auto suggest ruined my request, which is really annoying :cold_sweat:.

Hey @rockmandash :wave:

The best place to get this is front of the team is to raise this directly on our Github Tracker.

You can use the form below to add this:

Issues raise on the forum tend to get lost in the rest of the various topics that get created here. :pray:

Hey @rockmandash,

You’re raising an issue that you have noticed with the product. I’ve directed you to the correct place where those issue should be raised.

I’m not really sure what you would like the rest of the Postman Users on this forum do with your issue.

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