[solved] Badge not awarded - Error in Day 27 - but every Test is passing?

Edit: Well, who would have guessed. The Error can be spotted in the picture.
my POST Request: User login

it should be User Login.
And because I referenced my working collection ID from the APIs Tab I did not noticed that error.
But the automated “testing thingy for badge rewards” probably tests with the collection id of that specific day.

So finally I got my badge - Thanks Postman Team for the Content.

My question:
Does anybody know how to solve this problem: I am not able to get my badge.
I had a related problem with Day 27 previously which magically solved itself without me doing anything.
According to the mail, there is a problem.
According to my workspace and Day 27 there is none.

Details (like screenshots):

I’ve already tried:
to resubmit after making sure everything is “green” on my side.
my workspace is also set to public if you need to have a closer look.

Thanks for any help.