Day 2 | Issue with Invalid API Key for

struggling on day 2 of the 30 days badge…

this as a whole, including -XXXX at the end is the valid API key, isn’t it?

and it is active:

sorry, I don’t see the point…

thanks in advance

No its not, you need to copy the API get when its generated.

You only get to see the full API key once when its generated, so you need to take a proper note of it at this point.

It doesn’t have XXX on the end. That is how its shows when its stored and masked.

thanks a lot @michaelderekjones for the fast and concise answer! you made my day

as the key was generated automatically at the creation of the account I did not mind.
would be worth to explain separately on Postman API authentication | Postman Learning Center


I don’t work for Postman. Hopefully someone from Postman will read your post and take the point on board.

Hey @mischl :wave:

If something is missing in the documentation or you feel if could be improved, each document on the Learning Center has an Edit this Doc button. This leads to the page on Github which you can amend and submit a PR for the team to review/walkthrough with you.

The keys are not automatically generated at the creation of an account, you would need to physically got through that workflow to create them, by going to

thank you for pointing that out.

Then I cannot remember when I created it.
Also thinking about a PR, if it is really necessary as on one screenshot the looked infomation is available. also the effort to fork the whole repo and make a PR.

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