Custom headers in the response are getting displayed in postman tool but those are not available in the response in my code

I am using com.sun.jersey.api .

Below is the code part to get the response Header.

Client client = Client.create();
WebResource webResource = client.resource( url );
ClientResponse response = webResource.header("Authorization", authorization )
                                     .header( "X-FeClient-Token",clienttoken)
                                     .post( ClientResponse.class, "" );

MultivaluedMap<String, String> respmap=response.getHeaders();

It only gives the default header details. I am not able to get the Custom Headers sent in the response. I am able to see the custom header in the postman tool.

Postman gives me 15 headers but the above code returns 13 headers.

Depending on the application, headers may be added during the different stages of the response creation.

Which header are you not getting but seeing in Postman?

There was some issue in the client token. we got response with 500 status code. its resolved now.

Hi . And How did you solve this ?