Create a new Team with my current license

My question:
I created a team and named it for the client i was working on at the time. I’m begining to think this was a massive mistake.

Recently I created a new workspace, but its for a different client, but i’ve noticed that it seems to be linked to the current team.

So i was ok, create a new team. But there is no option for that. ( I pay for postman license).

The problems:
Its not clear to me the releationship between workspaces and teams. I assume that its …
(parent) team → (child) workspaces.

As such, i need to create a new team (for client-x) underwhich i can create new workspaces. But this isn’t an option.

I get the impression that teams are perhaps tied to a specific email address. So i would have to have a new email address to create a new team?

How do I …

  • Create a new team and presumably use my current license?
  • Not accidently delete the current team and clients that have joined?
  • Move/export workspaces from the current team to the new team?

so i think i understand a bit better now. Creating a new workspace gives you the option to make it a team workspace.

So now i just need to know how to create a new team? For which i can not find an option / button anywhere?