Controling the sync feature


I would like to know if it’s possible to disable the automatic sync, allowing me to sync manually only when I want, or define a time to sync.


Hi @bhargav.karanam

Thank you for your reply.

Apparently I don’t have that option in my Sync screen and I have the version v6.2.5.

My sync screen only have the re-sync option

Hi @dlopezcss! Our sync service only works live/automatically, so it cannot be triggered only at certain times or disabled. There may be a workaround you can use though, depending on your use case - could you please describe it?

Hi @claire

Thank you for your reply .
What I tried to do was the following:
I was calling a rest service using variables as the root of the service and as values for my parameters so I can have all of them registered, like so

{{url}}/UserWS/getUserList ?pUserId={{nullValue}}&pStatus=active

The above example is something that I’m trying so I can have a map of all created Service methods referring all in parameters, there will be cases that I will use all of them and others like above that I want.

What happen was that when I was after I wrote the variable {{nullValue}} I checked the cloud workspace, since it is syncing automatically when what was saved was the following

{{url}}/UserWS/getUserList ?pUserId={{

I tried manually syncing but it didn’t change any thing, in the cloud it staid that way, the only option that I had to fix it was removing the reference from the collection, removing from the cloud and using a text editor created the full URL with all parameters with null values.

After that I went to check again and in the cloud it was the correct link.

That was why I was asking if I could disable or set a specifc time of the day to sync.