Console logs from Collection run are no longer showing up in console

I am using PostmanCanary Version 7.27.0-canary07 and with the introduction of layout changes I no longer see console logs from when I run tests from collection. They used to show up before the layout change.


  1. Make a single api call from Postman - Logs are shown
  2. Run a collection from collection runner - Logs are not shown

Hey @abhijeet

Another version of Canary (7.28.0-canary01) has been released that will allow you to detach the Console so that you can view both sets of request data coming from those places.

In this image, I have the console for the Request Builder and the Collection Runner open in the bottom pane, each showing the requests made in that context. I have also detached the Console and you can see both requests in there.

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Thank you @dannydainton! This is resolved for me.

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