Last time doesn't work function "console.log", "", etc. in "Developer Tools" window

Two weeks or more time ago functions “console.log”, “”, “console…” works correct!
But last time, I don’t see any events in Console window.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create any request
  2. In field “Test” put string:
    console.log(“This is a text”);
  3. Click “View” > Developer > “Show DevTools (current view) Ctrl+Shift+I”

    The window “Developer Tools” will open

  4. Click “Send” (send request)

Expected result:

Аfter a successful request in windows “Developer Tools” (tab console) i saw text “This is a text”

Actual result:

Аfter a successful request in windows “Developer Tools” (tab console) i do not see anything.

Hey @Ovonord,

Welcome to the community! :wave:

Are you talking about seeing the events in the Postman Console?

Thanks for quickly answer. No, I told about this window. See ancore file

@Ovonord, I see what you mean. In the recent update of Postman Console we made huge improvements to the information we show to help debug everything. In that update we removed the logging to the Developer Tools window.

The logs that were shown in the Developer Tools were only for internal debugging of the Postman Console. Since, we’re confident that the Postman Console is powerful enough to show these logs, we’re no longer showing them in the Developer Tools.

By the way, the logs in the Postman Console now have more information than ever with details about redirects, certificates used for requests (if any), and network information about the requests. All logs shown in the Postman Console are formatted to show requests, user logs etc. in a way which is easier to understand than the Developer Tools logs. Also, we’ve added a new improvement where even if Postman Console window is closed, all old logs are still present in the Console when you open it later, which was one of the reasons why we showed logs on the Developer Tools.

Hope this answers your questions! Do write back if you have any doubts.

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Thanks, @utkarsh.maheshwari, I understand you and appreciate changes in software. Save log after closing it is good reason for change.

But “Option A” more convenient than “Option B”.

  1. In window “Developer Tools” change filters very fast and i see how many “priorited” messages after Run Collection I received.

  2. In window “Postman Console” I can’t separate info ( messages from block headers request and any more internal Postman’s info.

Could I suggest create option in global settings "Duplicate logs to “Developer Tools Window”?

If switch is enable all functions messages “…” go to the it.!

Thanks for you time.

@Ovonord, the Postman Console shows, console.error etc. in different colors too:

You can also choose to hide/show logs of requests:

… and choose to show logs of only a specific log level (e.g. info):

I have a few of strong arguments for output logs in Developer Tools window.
See picture:

  1. I see how much different priorities actions was after run collections (or request) in test.
  2. I can one click choice “filters” one of type logs events. It is very convenient!

In “Postman Console” window filters are not convenient :frowning: and I don’t see how much events i have :frowning_face:

Do you understand me, @utkarsh.maheshwari?

Maybe developer command make options switch (in settings) to enable push logs to “Developers Tools” window, @dannydainton?