Stop Writing Logs to Console

Hey Postman Community!

I’m new here and have been struggling to find information on this subject. I’ve built out 5 separate Collections and am using Runner to run these simultaneously. This means tons and tons of logs getting sent to the Console. Is there some way to disable sending information to the Console?


What do you mean by tons?

By default, it only sends the request and response.

Any other information, you are in control of and would have added in your code. (console.log etc).

You could just minimise the console if you are not interested in these logs.

Each Collection that I am running is sending 4 different requests and looping through that 2,000 times. So running 5 separate versions of that Collection means 40,000 request/responses get logged to the Console. I started these Runners last night at 11pm CT and as of this morning, the Console logs are still trying to catch up.

I was thinking if there was a way to stop these requests/responses getting logged to the Console then that might help with eating up my CPU/Memory.

Shot in the dark :grinning:

I haven’t used this, but you might want to look at Postman Flows.

Postman Flows overview | Postman Learning Center

Wonder if that is more suited to large workflows like what you are describing.

Hi @aichja

Out of interest, what is the purpose of looping 2000 times?

Secondly, have you tried running this in the cli instead of the client … I would expect it to be faster in cli, and it should use much fewer resources too.

Hey there @w4dd325!

I’m using Postman to create a large dataset of customers.

I’ve looking into cli as an option but haven’t dug into the details too far yet. I am glad to hear that cli could be a bit faster and for it to use less resources. My seems to get quite tired :slight_smile: