Console always shows

In my api calls, when I look at the console I see this before my console output writes. There is a call to followed by a dump of the get call.

How can this be turned off so I only see what is relevant to my api call?

Initial One-Time Workaround In my first test run, I can call console.clear() in the pre-request Script and it is removed, but on the second chained test, I can’t do that because I don’t want the log cleared at that time.

Note in my tests and pretest, there is no text except for my tests. It’s like there is a ghost test operations for the echo being run or it is inheirting some pretest in the above folders?

I am on the latest version of V10.23.5

The only reason this would be there is if you are specifically calling the Postman Echo service somewhere in your collection.

Either as a request in the GUI, or using the sendRequest() function in a pre-request script.

If you are not expecting this, then check your pre-request scripts on the request, folder and collection level. As this appears to be the first request in your console log, it is going to be at the pre-request level somewhere.

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