Connecting from Cloud Agent to Mule load balancer

We are trying to call Mule load balancer URL from postman cloud agent. Below is error we are getting.

Error: Cloud Agent Error: Can not send requests to reserved address. Make sure address is publicly accessible or select a different agent.

The load balancer url is not publicly accessible url and its company’s intranet url. We are able to call load balancer url from our local machine only after vpn is connected .

From below post , we found the static ip associated with cloud postman agent
i.e and added it to load balancer’s whitelist ip section but still not able to connect
How to Integrate Postman with Your Private Network | Postman Blog.

If we add our individual ip address ( on ip whitelist section on load balancer then we are able to connect even without VPN connection but not using above static ip. We are not looking to install Postman Desktop version.

Any help would be appreciable.