Scheduled Postman Runs and IP whitelisting

We’re looking at schedule runs of our API calls so that should they fail we can be sent an automated email. The issue I am finding is because we use Google Cloud WAF Whitelisting the IP address used by Postman needs to be whitelisted, no issue there except that every time this runs its another new IP address completely different to the last. After 10 of these I had 10 IP addresses that were no where near close to each other in any sort of a range. So aside from any concerns my security team might have it would be quite impractical to manage whitelisting every potential Postman IP address that might be used for this. Has anyone else experienced this?

Adding an edit. I kind of have a way forward and maybe if others find this posting in future it is of help. There are too many IP addresses used by Postman scheduled runs to make it viable for us to Whitelist. The option to have a static IP exists with Postman Professional so we are deciding if we think this will give us what we need and if it is worth the cost for us over doing a daily manual check.