Connecting API to Github Repo - unable to select `.postman` folder

My question:
Inside of our team’s postman workspace, I’m trying to connect our API to our GitHub repo.
I’ve done this before successfully with many configurations.

However, our team decided to name the folder that contains our postman configs .postman.
When I select our repo and browse the folders, I don’t see a .postman folder, even though there is one in the repo.

Is this a known bug? Or an intentional feature?

There are other folders that begin with a .

Details (like screenshots):
In the screenshot below, you’ll notice that there is no .postman folder that can be selected:

However in the repo, there is such a folder:

How I found the problem:
Trying to link API to github

I’ve already tried:
Confirmed that the repo is set to the right branch that does have this folder.