Importing an environment or collection from a GITHUB team repository

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to import 2 files from a github repository, in this case 1 collection and 1 environment. That repository is owned by another github user and I have access to the repository.
When i use the import → code repository feature, and i then click github, i can login to github and authorize postman, and the import window appears.
However, in the import window, i only have the ability to select my own github organization and repositories inside that organization.
Is there a way to select another github organization ? the user interface looks like a dropdown list but does not propose the other organizations i have access in github

Kind Regards

Laurent Bihler

Hi @LaurentBihler

I had the same issue, Im not sure why, possibly because of organisation access restrictions…

I use GitHub desktop to access ours, we have to create a PAT (in GitHub settings thats then used in GitHub Desktop) key in order to access our work files (I suspect this is why it doesn’t work directly from postman).

Once you have cloned or forked the repo you can use the import option to pull the file from your local drive.

Hope this helps?