Conflict: modified since you last opened this tab!

Recently I got a Postman update to v8.0.6, and now every time I open Postman, all of the open tabs say “CONFLICT”. When I hover over the tab, it says “This request has been modified since you last opened this tab”

I can modify each tab and save, and the “CONFLICT” message goes away, but we I open Postman again later, all of the tabs again say “CONFLICT”!

I don’t use Postman on any other machine. Anyone have any idea what I can do about this? I keep the same root tabs open all the time so that I don’t have to search through my collections to open those requests, but I can’t tell what each tab is now until I click on each!

Thanks in advance for any help!


Same issue for me. Have it since the last update.

Ditto. Since the last update.

só salvar cada sheet com Ctrl+S

Same for me - it happens sometimes. Is there an issue in bug tracker for this?

Same happens with me too… Even I confirmed with my team that anyone is using my same account in case I logged in one of the systems. but nope. I just logged out and still it shows conflict whenever I open the postman. There is something wrong with the latest update for sure. @postman - Please check this out

Logging out of Postman in browser/website (only being logged in to the desktop application) resolved the issue for me.

Still inconvenient nonetheless.

Update: Today it happened again, despite being logged out in the browser. Doesn’t seem to “solve” it completely.