Conflict: modified since you last opened this tab!

Recently I got a Postman update to v8.0.6, and now every time I open Postman, all of the open tabs say “CONFLICT”. When I hover over the tab, it says “This request has been modified since you last opened this tab”

I can modify each tab and save, and the “CONFLICT” message goes away, but we I open Postman again later, all of the tabs again say “CONFLICT”!

I don’t use Postman on any other machine. Anyone have any idea what I can do about this? I keep the same root tabs open all the time so that I don’t have to search through my collections to open those requests, but I can’t tell what each tab is now until I click on each!

Thanks in advance for any help!


Same issue for me. Have it since the last update.

Ditto. Since the last update.

só salvar cada sheet com Ctrl+S

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Same for me - it happens sometimes. Is there an issue in bug tracker for this?

Same happens with me too… Even I confirmed with my team that anyone is using my same account in case I logged in one of the systems. but nope. I just logged out and still it shows conflict whenever I open the postman. There is something wrong with the latest update for sure. @postman - Please check this out

Logging out of Postman in browser/website (only being logged in to the desktop application) resolved the issue for me.

Still inconvenient nonetheless.

Update: Today it happened again, despite being logged out in the browser. Doesn’t seem to “solve” it completely.

After a year this bug still occurs. :frowning:

I working with Postman exclusively on the same machine and without sharing my collections with anyone, but when I just close the Postman (all tabs are saved) and open it again, some tabs show CONFLICT, while nothing is actually changed (nor locally, nor on the Postman server).

It forces me to close all these tabs and open them again. Very frustrating experience as it’s actually very hard and tedious to find all these requests again in multiple collections and sub-folders (this is actually the reason why I prefer to leave these tabs opened when exit Postman).

That’s been happening to me, too. My collections aren’t shared and I work from one machine. I wonder if the cloud storage/sync feature is at issue here. A bit of a nuisance and would love to see the problem addressed.

Good day :partly_sunny:

I get this error literally every single time whenever I open Postman :lady_beetle:

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Hey there!

Could you try opening up a support ticket here? I’m not seeing anything tracked on our side currently :tired_face: I would suggest logging out and back in on the browser/desktop client as one of the other commenters suggested as well.

Hope this helps and welcome to the community! :smile:

I have also encountered the same problem, I didn’t log in in other devices, and kept the window to open the state, when the network reconnected, this problem appeared.
This is obvious, it is a bug.

Hey y’all!
Same issue for me, too. Have it since the last update. Still not fixed.


Same here, every time I open postman I see the conflict notifications, even though non changes have been made.

Same here! Usually the problem is in some collections I been working on the previoues day but never modified like after the conflict is showing me the colection ( as an empty colecction, no url, no headers, no body )

Same issue, this tool is really going down in usability on each update

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I just installed the Postman desktop app yesterday and created a collection today. I immediately got the “CONFLICT” notice on one tab. I closed the tab and as I was closing it asked me if I wanted to save and overwrite. I confirmed and the problem went away.

Worth a shot.

I can reproduce ONE of the cases of this bug:

  1. Open a Collections item which uses Checkbox params.
  2. Click a Checkbox.
    2a. NOTE the tab-close becomes a red dot.
  3. Oh noes. OK, UN-check the Checkbox/param.
    3a. NOTE the tab-close REMAINS a red dot. (Arguably this is broken, you un-did what had “changed”)

I know this one is easy, and I also know it happens even when you’re not checking params.

I’d encourage folks to file bugs, except Postman team make a game out of closing bugs as “fixed in the next version” (never showing tests, never asking bug reports to confirm before they close it).

The silver lining to Postman’s approach to bugs is, they’re driving users to Insomnia Rest Client (which gets better all the time).

…and the WORST thing is the alert doesn’t show you WHAT changed.
It could, but just doesn’t.
So you have to randomly guess whether Save or Delete will mess up your collection.