Issue with "Could not find the request you are looking for"

I have a slightly annoying issue after upgrading to Postman 8.0.7 and I could not find a related topic.

It shows this prompt a lot of times very briefly when opening the program and then after loading for 10 seconds-ish the program works fine again. So it is not a huge issue, but nothing have changed besides upgrading.

Hi @peter1 Welcome to the community :bouquet:

Even I faced this issue for few days, I am trying to reproduce and found that sometimes switching workspace is causing this error. Also the issue is sporadic.

I have logged the issue in GH. Please feel free to add your comments or screenshots to it.

We’re aware of this issue and are working on a fix.

This would usually occur if you have tabs open for entities (Requests/Folders/Collections etc) that have moved or have been deleted from the currently active workspace.

You can see the 3 open tabs in the image, without request names.

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@dannydainton Thanks for the update Danny :blush: After that error I saw the message under the requests as well. Well, it’s just User Interface issue and no major impacts.

Since I don’t see any issues reported already, I did in GH :slight_smile: