Collections moved after update 10.18.x

I am having the same problem only that I signed in to my desktop app with an account that I have. Now I cant find any local backups. Anyone able to recover their collections after signing in ? I am using Windows.

Bump. Posted another thread about it. The latest update on MacOS in fact erased all collection data. There are no backups at all in the application support folder.

I’ve tried migrating the data, it in fact imported some of the latest requests, however I’m pretty sure it didn’t import the ‘unsaved’ changes from the previous version before the update (such as request data / headers, etc)

I can’t thank you in words as you saved my 2 years of work that was lost in 2 seconds.

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Any unsaved changes wouldn’t have been included in the Export file.

My recommendation is to enable the Autosave feature from ⚙️ > Settings > Application to ensure your changes are saved automatically. This currently only applies to Requests and Collections.