Collections: Deleting collection links from public consumption

Currently, some (all?) of our team’s collections can be viewed publicly from a link that is in “Guest View.” We don’t want ANY of our collections to be viewed publicly.

e.g.{{some hash}}

How do we remove these links from being publicly accessible?

Collections are private by default. If you publish the collection or share the collection with someone publicly like with the Run in Postman button or with a link, then it can be accessed publicly.

  • If you unintentionally published the documentation, then you can unpublish it by going to the private documentation page from the “View Docs” link next to the collection in either the Postman app or web dashboard. There’s an option to “Unpublish”.
  • If you unintentionally created a stand-alone Run in Postman button or generated a collection link to share with other people, you can delete these links from the Postman web dashboard. Under your user profile, tab over to Links, and you’ll see a list of all the collection links that have been previously created. Click the trash icon to delete the link.