Can't find info on how to "Unpublish a Collection"

I’d like to know the procedure for “unpublishing” a collection.

I’ve read

And that doesn’t help. I don’t know how to find the “Edit Published Collection” page, and there seems to be no doc on that subject.

In the past, when we’ve had to change collections, it’s all been trial and error.

Everything I try w/r/t this procedure doesn’t work either. Once a collection is published, the doc suggests that all I need to do is select the “Publish” button.

That does not work.

Hi @mikejang,
You can unpublish your collection from the app or dashboard.

  1. From the app, you can right click on the collection you published and click on Publish Docs from the menu, this will take you to a page similar to this. You can click on the Unpublish button

  1. From the dashboard (, you can navigate to the workspace that has the collection and click on the collection. In that page, you’ll see a button that says Published, you can choose Edit Published Collection option and that’ll take you to the page above where you can unpublish the collection.

We do understand that right now, this is not very straight-forward, but we’re working on making it more discoverable :slight_smile:

Neither option works for me. A “right click” only gets me to standard right click menus associated with browsers.

I see no “Edit Published Collection” option in my workspace.

In the Postman app, if the right click isn’t working, you can click on the ellipsis (…) next to the collection name, and select “Publish Docs” to take you to the documentation view in the web.

As @bhargav.karanam said from the web dashboard, you’ll need to select workspace > select collection > green button in the top right that says Published dropdown > Edit Published Documentation will take you to the screenshot that he showed. Unpublish is the red button at the top. Including a screenshot for orientation.

I do not see that submenu, as shown in your screenshot. I do see what looks like a down arrow in the green “Published” text box. Screenshot%20from%202019-08-28%2009-52-29 , but selecting that box and/or arrow does nothing for me.

Hey @mikejang,
This happens if you do not have the appropriate permissions to perform the action (unpublishing the collection here). Please ask the collection owner or anyone who has the Editor role on the collection to give you appropriate permissions to perform this action.

Thanks bhargav. I have the admin role for our team (with others). Are you saying that’s not sufficient?

Correct. admin role for the team allows you to administrate team stuff, invite team members, edit team profile, etc.

When the original author shares a collection to a team workspace, the default access is Viewer. You will need Editor permissions for the collection.

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Is there a way to make the “Editor” role the default for “Everyone in Team”?

You can update “Everyone in Team” to Viewer or Editor as shown in your screenshot. But the default is role-based access control, so Viewer is the default and only individuals that require access are granted access.

Thanks. On first glance, that seems awkward.

If I’m understanding correctly, someone who does not assign the Editor role to “Everyone in Team” effectively prevents updates, if the author is on vacation or leaves the organization.