Can't run a collection with imported Data file

Why can’t I run a collection when I import a data file with a bunch of requests?

The preview of the imported data file looks fine.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @aerospace-technolog6

Struggling to reproduce this… Could you confirm you have the HTTP request selected in the ‘Run Order’ section to the left of the above screenshot?

Maybe screenshot the whole screen so we can see how it all looks? cheers

Is that your Collection?

Is it in a Workspace that you have Admin or Editor access?

Hi Dannydainton. It’s a private free version.

Hi w4dd325,

here’s a screenshot:


Can you try going to the Collection tab and opening the Collection in the Runner from there?

You can do this from the view more options menu (the 3 dots when you hover over the Collection name). There you will see the Run collection option.

Hi Dannydainton,

this enables to run with the imported data file. Thanks.

So I was expecting to be able to import a larger number of requests like this:

But that seems not to work:

So is this not the intention of loading a data file into a collection run?


The datafiles allow you to specify a set of values, that can be used in the requests. These are accessed in different areas of the Collection using the variable placeholder syntax.

Sounds like you need to have a collection with a delete request in it.

You can parameterise the URL to use the data from the file.

It should run the delete request once for each line in the CSV file.