How to import json file to run for multiple requests in a workflow

I have a workflow set up to run requests in order from multiple collections in a workflow. For example:

Collection A
Request 1
Request 2
Request 3
Collection B
Request 1
Request 2

Some of the requests use an imported JSON file, while others do not.
This works fine for when individual requests are run separately in Collection Runner (i.e., selecting the data file in Runner for a specific request).

However, if I want to run an entire Collection (e.g., Collection B to run Requests 1 & 2) or an entire
workflow, is it possible in Postman to import the JSON files to be used without specifying the JSON data file for each request in Runner? Is there a way to specify this another way in the pre-request scripts or body?
I want to avoid having one gigantic JSON file that contains all the test data to be imported for the entire collection or workflow.