Import json data file shows


I have a json body as below & I need to provide input for the {{SERVER_NAME}} from the .json file. When I try to import I am getting an error saying:
error while importing format not recognized

Post URL:


Body RAW:


Data File:


Hey @Zulfi_Aman,

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The data files are used with the Collection Runner, it sounds like you’re trying to import the file via the Import section in the app.

This would only accept certain formats - Like a Collection or an Environment file.

You would need to Open the Collection Runner and import the data file using the Data section, to select the file from your local machine directory. Once imported, you should be able to see a preview of the data.

From here, you will be able to run your collection and the data within the file will be used to resolve the variables in the Request Body.

Thanks Danny…This works fine for each request with each data file…

How can I use collection Runner to execute bunch of API request where each has its own Data File ???

Also, in collection Runner I am able select only the folder & not a single api request…if this option exist I can use this as a replacement for Ansible

Within the Collection Runner UI, you will only be able to run a single Collection with a single data file.

You could use Newman to create a script that runs certain Collections with certain data files. From your data set, it looks like you could just add those server names as environment variable in the app and select them that way, rather than using the Runner. I’m unsure of your particular usecase though.

If you have the latest version of Postman, you will be able to run a single request via the Collection Runner.

Thanks for your support…Will check on this

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