How to install postman on mac? Instructions are not right

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on Mac (apple silicon).
I have 10.9.4 client running, but update always fails with “updated failed” No reasons given.
It says to install manually, but there are no instructions.
I tried going to Download Postman | Get Started for Free and downloading the apple silicon client to “downloads” dir. Then I unzipped it, which gives “”. however, the instructions (Installing and updating Postman | Postman Learning Center) say that clicking on this will start an installer, which will put the app into the right directory.
This doesn’t happen, when you click on the unzipped app, it just launches the old postman, it doesn’t install anything. So now I have two versions on my HD, but i can only use the old one.

10.9.4 is bug-ridden (e.g. cant export anything), update doesn’t work, and manual install doesn’t work. The install documentation is wrong, and there are no instructions on the download page.

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