Creating New Version in API Designer and carrying over collection, creates a new collection with version in name

I’m seeing new behavior in Postman web and not seeing any notices for how to use the new changes.

When I add a new version to an API that already has a collection, by creating new version from API Designer screen, I select to carry over a collection ‘contract tests’ and environments. After the new version is created, I see that there exists a copy of the contract test collection with a name of the previous collection along with a suffix of the API version. This is the same for the environment as well.

Is this the new behavior when creating a new API version?

The new collection no longer has the previous collections history.

Tagging by version seems no longer necessary.

Current state:

API in Designer
Contract Test collection linked to API
Environment linked to API

New State:

API in Designer
Two contract test collections. Only newest collection linked to API.
Two Environments. Only newest environment linked to API.