Cannot start the tests collection when Desktop-Agent is selected



  • Postman Web + Postman Desktop Agent v0.4.26 + Google Chrome + Windows 11


  1. When try to start a collection of tests, they are not started. I only see “Preparing to tests”.
  2. The problem occurred after updating Postman Agent to v0.4.26
  3. The problem only occurs when trying to use Desktop Agent. When I switch to Cloud Agent, the test collection works without any problems ( I already used the limits for cloud agent ).
  4. The problem concerns only when I try run a collection of tests. I can sent single request/tests with no problems when Desktop-Agent is selected
  5. In attached is the error from console when I run test collections


I will be grateful for your help

Hey @navigation-cosmonaut :wave:

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Are you using work network, VPN or anything else that might block certain websocket connections?

Hey @danny-dainton :raised_hand:

Thanks for reply.

No, i dont have any firewall or VPN.

I have been using Postman for 2 years on the same network, software and hardware. Until the last desktop agent update, I had no problems with anything

I also checked port 10533 in Windows powershell and everything looks good

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