Cannot Pull changes from Origin on PR

During Merge or resolving PR, I have a notification that the origin collection was changed, and I have to pull latest changes. It opens a list of 21 conflicts in PATH VARIABLES, but I cannot resolve them as there are no changes to be accepted in source or origin, all are marked as orange from Origin. I try to Pull Changes as the button is enabled, but there is an error message “Something went wrong” and it loads the PR again. I try it on the Firefox Win10 machine and development of collection is on installed application with latest updates.
I have two workspaces: Current CMS and Master_private. Origin is placed in Master_Private and forked with changes is in Current CMS workspace. All of it is in private. I use the free version as with issues on collaboration, as the company we keeps on hold enabling the Team version.
My daily work keep master/origin isolated and all changes I try to provide via forks on collections. So in the Origin I didn’t make any changes as I try too avoid this issues as it keep appearing in my collections and in my colleagues collections. But these phantom conflicts with Path Variable is blocking some of them from being merged to origin.
If you know how to deal with conflicts for PATH VARIABLES, I’m here to listen to your advice :smiley:


Can you share an example of a conflict that you are getting in PATH VARIABLES?

21 Conflicts and none can be resolved as I don’t have an option to do it.
I have to Force merge changes omitting PR after it is accepted.

Maybe I am wrong, but this does not look like a conflict to me.

You can select one of the changes and simply click on Pull changes to see what happens.

And that’s the clue. I cannot check those check boxes. Button Pull Changes is enabled as you can see but it lead to an error

So my question is how I can get around those errors and clear those conflict manually? If this is even possible…

oh boy, you may want to contact Postman support and share some screenshots. They can take a look at your account and provide some advice.

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Yep, like @vdespa mentioned.

Can you send a message to with the details please.

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I have deleted all of the conflicting path variables, and that solved the issue.

I send an email with an issue to postman support. Maybe they can fix it before it appears again.

The possible origin of those issues is probably the import of some of the requests from swagger.json file. As those imported requests force the use of path variables.