Can you please stop deleting my data

User data preservation needs to be prioritized. I no longer trust product updates.


I appreciate these things can be frustrating but I don’t believe using language like that in a public forum, is ever necessary.

Is this more appropriate… Losing data sucks, its as simple as that. The postman development team has a track record of not respecting user data. This is not a new problem.

Is the team even aware that data is commonly lost? I’ve lost entire workspaces when upgrading versions and now when being forced to create an account.

I’ve lost trust in new versions of the product to the point that I go out of my way to avoid updates.

Unfortunately, sometimes those updates are forced. Is that what you want the end user experience to be?

They don’t care even one bit. They knew this would piss off a huge chunk of the user base, calculated the effect on the bottom line, and did it anyway. The shills on these forums can only make excuses “use the new offline mode”, “but it sucks”, “¯_(ツ)_/¯”

Find another product to use. Postman is dead.

Hey @joint-operations-s11

The offline Lightweight API Client is there for you to use completely for free, the same goes for the signed version. There is no cost associated with this on your part. The “shills” on this site and saying that because that’s what’s available to you.

I could list all of the various features that you get with the free version which includes an Enterprise grade app, Team Based Collaboration functionality, Multiple protocol request capabilities, Collection Runner, Monitors, Mock Servers, Flows, Postbot, the use of our Postman CLI, Postman API and the vscode extension…and I haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s available to you for free.

As well as that, you get the free use of this Community Forum, the support team, all of our content across YouTube, the Learning Center, The Academy and other training courses and material.

If just not fair to say that we don’t care.

If all of that free stuff is not for you, that’s perfectly fine. You need to make the choices that are relevant and in line with your own context.

We provide export features for you to extract your data to use wherever you feel is right for you.

If required, I will personally make myself available for a call next week, if there is anything else you’d like to discuss. We can jump on a video call and talk about it all.

You’re a shill because you make excuses while actively avoiding addressing the core of what I’m saying. I had a whole library of pre-defined API calls made that I used frequently. Postman offered me a “choice” of store that in the cloud, or lose access to it. No, the JSON export does not count as having retained access. You deliberately crippled your own product to force account signups - the least you could do is own up to it and provide an archival version that isn’t crippled.

I understand your “in the cloud” offering is probably great, however it was your “not in the cloud” offering that I’d been using for years and had invested time and effort in that I am now pissed off about losing with no alternative given except “well, sign up”

If you care, make an old, uncrippled, version of Postman available and link to it here, otherwise, save your sales pitch and platitudes for someone who cares.

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