I'm switching due to the "always online" requirement

Sorry for the “this is not an airport” post but I’m sick of having periodically to fight with your requirement to connect to your servers to just use the collections I made. In all these year of using postman, the idea of caching locally the last used configuration misteriously never happened to you.
Of course you can say that is the fault of the network I use but as you probably know already, it’s not always possible to modify the network configuration or topology just to make a tool work (company policies, VPNs, etc).

I’m looking for an alternative that doesn’t have this requirement.

I agree. Due to our company wide data policy, we are not able to use Postman anymore either. This requirement is also enforced by a proxy.

Product team: what were you thinking?

Not being able to use Postman without connecting to the Postman servers makes the application completely useless for us. It was a great tool, but now we have to look at the alternatives. Please share if you know something that works in these scenarios, and provides extensive toolset to test APIs.

Hi all.

I am sorry about your experience. We now have the lightweight Postman API client that let’s you work in Postman Desktop without having to connect to Postman Cloud or being signed in.

Hi Gbadebo,

Thank you for helping, lightweight client addresses partially our case. I was not aware of it because accessing it requires signing out, which also results in the deletion of all local data. I noticed there are some bugs where data seem to get swapped if multiple request tabs are used.

Signing out wouldn’t impact the data that you may have in the lightweight client, the local data would be related to your signed in account and items such as Current variable values and other session based information will be removed.

If you have notice bugs or issues, can you raise those with all the context and details over on our Github issue tracker, please. This will ensure that these are not lost within a topic or thread.


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