Can I automate a GET request to run daily, that will save the response to XML or json file?

We would like to automate a GET request that will save the response to a file.

We want it to run every 24 hours?

Can it be done in postman?

Why postman than โ€ฆyou can use curl and save output , and schedule it as a batch job.
Let me know you if you need help on that

I know this is an old post, but Iโ€™ll answer it so others can learn.

You can configure a monitor to run daily. It wonโ€™t be easy to save the response locally to a file, but you could use the Google Drive API to push a file into the cloud for you to review.

Hi. Can you please help me how to do that? Iโ€™m also trying to automate a series of GET requests and save the response to a JSON file.