Can I automate a response analysis?


I don’t really know where to ask this so here I am.

I’m new to PostMan, and I wanted to know if I can use it to do something like this:

  • Every X minutes (5-10-15) do a GET request to Y computers to ask if they have error tickets (in JSONs)
  • Analyse each ticket one by one and sending an answer to the computer for its ticket

And this needs to be 100% automatic.

For the first part, I saw about Monitors in a tutorial, but don’t know if it’s appropriate for a large number of requests (~200 computers to ask for tickets), but the second part is a mystery, I don’t really know if I can do this kind a dynamic behavior in the test part (Analyse the body of the response and send another request accodingly to this body) or if it’s possible to extract bodys out of PostMan and then asking PostMan to send answer requests to the right computer…

If it’s not possible with PostMan, i’d like to know if there are some other apps to do this kind of work.

Thanks for reading me.