Automate post requests with a json body

I have thousands of different json text documents. I make a post request with a json body every 45 minutes and I wondered if I can make this automated? I searched online and it looks like it can be done with Collections and Monitors? I’m not sure.
I tried to create collections and monitors on postman but I don’t know how postman is going to get json text documents from my pc.

Can someone give me some information about this please?

Hi @gemici - welcome to the Postman community :rocket:

How are you currently generating those json text documents?

:tada::tada::tada::heart_eyes: If you are using monitor , then you can achieve this by two ways:

  1. save json files to github or any remote system . Then access it through api
  2. store the contents as environment variable

if you are not using monitor , then you can use windows task scheduler or something , and for each iteration read a different csv.

> $a= Get-Content -raw .\1.csv
> newman run .\test.postman_collection.json -e .\test.postman_environment.json -k -r "cli,htmlextra" --env-var data=$a

They were originally excel files. Json text documents are being generated by a macro that formats excel to json.

Am I going to add an integration between postman and GitHub?

And can you tell me what this is for?

No , you are just making the file available online instead of from local file system

If you were able to concatenate the json files together into one json file you could use the collection runner to run each of the object of the base array with a 45 min delay.