Backup all Postman collection at once


It seems that in the desktop version 10.10.3 the ability to backup all Postman collection at once in Settings/Data/Export as disapeared ?

My question:
Is it possible to export all my collection in a JSON file like before : Backup.postman_dump.json

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
While trying to backup Postman.

I’ve already tried:
Searching among several menus.

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Click on your account, and then settings.

Not the settings for the application.

This should then open a browser window that shows your account settings.

You should be able to export your data from here.

You can also do this from the Postman settings but I think that’s a workspace at a time.

Mines on 10.10.4 though.


Thanks for your help.
I used to do that, it export all collections at once, it’s what I need.
But in 10.10.3 there is only the Import button.
And when I click on Update it says that it’s the latest version.
Even when I download it from the website, it stay 10.10.3.
Where do you get 10.10.4 ?

10.4 automatically installed for me as my desktop app is set to automatically update.

Couldn’t find an export option in Postman but on Windows there’s this folder

For me it contains several backup-##datetime##.json files, used the latest to import on my new system and all collections seem to be there :slight_smile:


I’ve now updated to Version 10.11.1, but still no “Export Data” Button.

Does your current work space have any collections?

I have local Collections, but no Workspaces.

Pretty sure that “Export Data” function exports all of the data within a work space, so if you are not using work spaces, then that will be why the button doesn’t exist.

Perhaps try the folder that @altimetry-participan mentioned in his post.

I used it for several years in that precise condition.
Yes the workaround is to get the backup in C:\Users\your_name\AppData\Roaming\Postman

It seems an evolution of postman now require Workspaces to display the Export Button.

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If it used to work, then I guess you need a response from a Postman employee to find out if the feature has been deprecated or if there is another issue.

I tend to just export the collections and update them in our code repository, so I don’t often have to back everything up. (Although both methods of backups do seem to work for me at this moment in time).

It seems that this backup is not up to date.
backup-2023-02-27T10-51-30.915Z.json is my last backup file in C:\Users\your_name\AppData\Roaming\Postman whereas I’ve use and added new request during all day.
And when I reopen Postman, my new request are still there.

Same with me, same version, same result. The backup files in the .\Users\xyz\Postman directory seem to be taken during updates of the local software. The real collections are in the IndexDB subdirectory but only while Postman is running and they are not usable (DB files). The question is, where is the real current collection data?
I think I found it, and this is no good news then:
There is a directory: *c:\Users\haste1960\AppData\Roaming\Postman\Partitions\ef0a69d0-0e50-494c-9f27-d8fac8d93706\IndexedDB* in my example case that contains a persisted database file structure. It sames as if, during Postman run time (and probably without haing a workspace configured, that at least is my case) these files are opened and represents the collections the user interface allows to work on. These runtime db files are maintained in the Postman\IndexDB subdirectory and, probably, persisted back to the above directory during shutdown. But, these files are not usable from outside as they seem to be database files.
My assumption is, that Postman discarded the Export function for non-workspace usage and therefore we are not able to export anymore all at once but only collection by collection :frowning:

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I am not sure how often the backups are created, I just wiped my old device. Today I opened Postman on my new machine, it was still up to date and I did get a new backup file, but might only be created once a day or even less. There’s a time in the file name so you can see when the backup was created.

As I see on another PC that I get the Export Data button, but that I was signed in, so I decide to sign in.
Usually I don’t do that beacause I don’t need it, and in the past I’ve done that and it made a mess between local and remote data.
Anyway, this time I really want to save my local collections so I signed in with an empty workspace in the cloud to avoid mixing data, as my reference is local.
Guess what, now I’m connected, I get the Export Data button, but all my collections are gone, and if I want to disconnect it say that I will lost any local data.
I lost many collections, nearly 1 Mo data.
Any idea ?

I too came looking for the export button. I’ve used it for years to backup my collections. As the organization I work for does not allow for syncing with the cloud for this data, I can’t create an account and sign into it. Why was it removed?

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Same problem here with 10.13.0.
For me the solution to get the latest backup when upgrading to a new version from C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Postman is good enough.

Still kind of a shame the export button under “data” is gone.
You can still export Collections 1by1.

My employer, like yours, probably them same “big one” to be honest, does not allow accounts in Postman.
So yes, no backups for us
Exporting each collection, one snippet at a time, is pretty tedious
Postman, please facilitate a backup function

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I agree, that this is bad, when we can not export data in new postman versions. But is marketing thing from them to force users to use online version.
Anyway, you can download version 9 here, where is export still available.
But you should disable autoupdates then.