Backing up Collections: Better Commit Messages in GitHub


I have set up an integration with GitHub:


Is there a way to not auto-commit changes, thus not using these generic messages:


I checked this and once merged, it still auto-commits and generates the not-so-descriptive messages in GitHub: Version control overview | Postman Learning Center

Hey @aly :wave:

It’s not currently possible to change the commit message with that integration but that sounds like a great improvement that can be raised here, as a new feature request.

The only other suggestion to have a level of control over those commit messages, would be to use out API Git Integration.

Thanks for the suggestions, Danny.

Looking over them, the seem to be more for the API tab?

From our team, we use Collections.

What we’d like to keep track of is who is making updates on the Collections since we’re using these for testing.

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