Create new Postman API from gRPC Server Reflection

I have a gRPC endpoint that supports reflection. I’m able to quickly build a valid gRPC request and validate it against my endpoint.

Is there a way to get all the information that Postman gathered through Server Relection and bundle it in a new Postman API? Something similar to importing an openapi.json file for a REST endpoint in a new Postman API.

Essentially, in my new Postman API, can I import a Definition from whatever Postman gathered via Server Reflection?

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I was 99% sure that we didn’t support that but I reached out to the team to confirm, just in case I was wrong. Currently, it’s not possible to do that. :cry:

Could I ask that you raise this as a new feature request over on our Issue Tracker, you can use the form in the link below to do this:

Thanks for checking. I created a feature request Create new Postman API from gRPC Server Reflection · Issue #12775 · postmanlabs/postman-app-support · GitHub

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Awesome, thank you for doing that. I’m going to close this topic out so we can track that in a central place. :pray: