Twitter bookmarks (not likes or favourites)

I am new to Postman and trying to scrape bookmarks (not likes or favourites) from my Twitter account. Twitter’s usual API does not include bookmarks.

I have set up Postman to collect data. Final step was to send the API request and if successful to run the response through some JSON parsing script in Tests tab.

Response I received on Postman app is as follows:

  1. For my API request:
    “errors”: [
    “code”: 220,
    “message”: “Your credentials do not allow access to this resource.”

  2. For JSON script test results:
    There was an error in evaluating the test script: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘tweets’ of undefined

I would like to know:

  1. Has anyone else tried this and been more successful and how?
  2. Any other suggestions on how to deal with this?

I’m facing the same issue, any tips would be appreciated.