Archived collection : xml body removed of 52 requests


I have an archived collection problem.
Usually, when i get back my archived collections and import them, everything goes well.
But this time, i have imported a collections with 52 requests, and all of them has an EMPTY BODY !

Is this a known problem ?
Is there any way to get this collection back with full body ?

This requests are professional work ! This is really important to me and to my company to get this collection back.

Best regards.

Hi @ysery

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Sorry to hear you’re facing issues importing archived collections. Yes, this is a known issue which we are tracking on our GitHub - below is the link for the same.

As a workaround, could you try to export data and import the same into a new personal workspace and let us know if that helps?

You can also follow this screen-record here as a reference.

Note: Remember to create a new Personal workspace to avoid any confusion in the imported data.

Dear @subramanya.raj

I would like to thank you for your quick answer.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work.

Do you have any version history where you can find my collection ?

Best regards.

@ysery We do have a version control that is enabled for the paid version where the changelog would help to restore to an earlier state of the collection. This document here should provide you details on the same.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, our team is diligently working towards fixing the issue. Meanwhile there is another workaround that might help - the app does take regular backups and are stored locally, you can find the same by navigating to the “Postman” folder. You can import these into the app to see if you can recover your collections including the body. You should be able to locate them based on your OS:

MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Postman/

Windows: %appdata%\Postman\

Linux: ~/.config/Postman/

The files should be named like: backup-2020-05-04T17-30-46.915Z.json. If you don’t find the body in them, try with other backup files (going backwards, based on the timestamp of the backup). Hope this helps!


First at all, i would like to thank you for you quick reaction.

This second "workaround " worked ! I have retrieved all my 52 requests with bodies !

Really good news !

Once again, thank you, and goodbye.

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Glad to know that helped! Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi all! The issue is now fixed :tada:

If the problem persists, please raise a support ticket and we will check on this further :slight_smile: