Archived collection!

Please, I need help because I try to shared my collection and “postman” archived this and I can not recover this
The message follow
"Free teams have a limit of 25 shared requests. To keep your work from getting interrupted, Postman archives the oldest shared collection when this limit is exceeded by a large number."

What can I do ?



There’s screenshots and step-by-step instructions in the FAQs under: How do I recover archived collections and shared history requests?

The easiest way to recover archived collections and shared history requests (and get unlimited usage limits) is to upgrade to Postman Pro or Postman Enterprise. Another way you can recover archived collections (but not archived history requests) is by exporting and importing them back into your personal workspace.

Ok, same question but more precise :

I had 3 collections that I used, they were archived without clearely asking. I don’t want to pay but I want my collection; what can I do ?


Hi @fabien.huet,

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Follow the following steps to retrieve archived collections:

  • On the next page click on ‘Request data export’ and refresh the tab after a few seconds to get the data available to download. Please make sure to download your data.

Also, please remember shared requests are ones that are shared within your team. Our free tier currently limits the number of requests that can be shared across a team to 25 requests – once that limit is exceeded, collections will be archived, that means the collaboration feature counts the number of requests that are shared within any team workspaces that exist – regardless of whether or not there are other folks on your team.

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How can I change the type of account from team to single user? I was just experimenting with my account and today my main collection got archived.

To become a single user, you’ll have to leave the trial team that you’re on. Here is a URL that’ll take you to the Leave Team page:

Note that any collection you created and then shared in a team workspace becomes a team owned collection.

Before leaving your team, make sure you export your archived data and realize a data dump.



I recovered my collections, but many of the requests have their body erased! What kind of archive is that?
How can I get them back?



Are the developers or the business team dumb? Or perhaps both? Definitely one of them! You suddenly choose which items to archive, disturbing my work, even if I chose to open my single user account in which these collections were originally made by!
Then you force us to pay or download. And if we did either, you remove the body from the requests? What kind of User experience is that!

And asking the user to pay to get their work back is similar to blackmailing! “In order to get your work back, give us money”. You can prevent a user from having additional collections if you want, but suddenly removing their collections without prior warning in exchange for money is a really dumb way to make business.

I’ve never seen any warning that told me I reached a limit of adding a collection. Sharing is different from making them in your computer.

@classicalguss We do understand the inconvinience this has caused and its due to the limitation we have in our free version of the application.

We have recently made improvements on prior messaging/warning in the latest versions of the application - so when we observe that the number of requests (not collections) is inching closer to the limitations (25 Shared requests), below are the warning messages you should be able to see:

  1. One at the bottom-right.

  1. Other below TLN.

With regards to the missing body of the exported archived collections - the below thread provides workarounds that should help you with the same :slight_smile:

@subramanya.raj Still the messaging is confusing. You are giving the message about archiving when the user is in the team environment, and the message seems to be directed as the team environments. This warning doesn’t specifically tell you that it will also archive it in the single workspace, and not just the single workspace, but the single workspace that has originally created that collection. It’s like because someone was trying to use a free version of the team workspace, his work gets screwed up in the solo workspace.

Anyway, even if the warning got improved, it’s still a bad business. You should just archive for team workspace, or limit for team workspace. Because have I not tried that team workspace, I wouldn’t have to worry about my collections getting archived (or robbed even) from myself.

I do understand the confusion around the archiving flows and our team is working towards making it more intuitive. We are currently tracking this request on GitHub and below is the link for the same:

Feel free to upvote or add any additional comments on GitHub that will help our team look into it while building this. Thank you!! :slight_smile:


I have a feature suggestion: when someone is adding a collection to their account, a dialog could open to ask which workspace the collection should be imported to (rather than the currently opened workspace).