API schema change does not reflect in collections

Hi! I am trying to complete the API first training’s tasks. Weirdly if I change the api schema, save it, validate it in the desktop app the collection is not updating (the new endpoint does not appear in the list). If I do the same in the web app, the same happens, but there I can hit refresh page and then I can see my updated collection well. This is pretty incovenient, because this refresh closes all my open request tabs, including the documentation that I am trying to follow. :slight_smile: Is there a step that I am missing in order to instantly see the changes to be reflected in my collection?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi @beahuszar! This is indeed a known issue we encountered from the training - the team is working on a fix which should hopefully be available within a few days, in the meantime if you can just refresh hopefully that will do the job… :sweat_smile:

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Hi @suesmith, Thanks a lot for the quick reply! I faced another bug in the meantime - when you have the API documentation open on a tab, then switch to a request tab and then change again back to the documentation and repeat this process several times, the documentation starts to scroll down and eventually you lose the line you were reading. :smiley:
Should I open a separate discussion for that or open a ticket somewhere?

Oh no! :joy: :sob: I will forward this one too, thanks for reporting!

If I change the API schema, in web or app, it DOES NOT update the collection no matter how many times I refresh, reboot the app, whatever.

How are you able to make changes to the schema and have those changes reflected in the collection? There is no “Update Collection” button and it does not happen automatically.

I don’t understand the point of API First, if I have to generate a new collection every time I make changes to the schema.

Hi @enric.ribas - if you go into your API and attempt to validate the linked collections Postman will prompt you with changes, if I’m understanding correctly this might be what you’re looking for.

Ok. Thanks.

It seems to work. Sort of. There are validation errors, and even if I mark them all and confirm changes, when I refresh the same errors show up.
But it seems some things do get updated. Perhaps ones that don’t have errors?

Might be an idea to create a new topic with more details, screengrabs etc so that we can have a closer look… :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, thanks.
I created a new topic.


Hi @beahuszar, we have deployed the fix for this in production. Could you one verify and confirm if this is resolved for you? Thanks

Hi @shivangi.bajpai , thanks for the update, I’ll check it in the following days and will get back to you!